Innovation is what we do at Modern People. With every product, we strive to embolden our customers towards working, thinking and living in a new way. As a team of young artists, craftsmen, designers and entrepreneurs we aim at quality and originality, without boundaries. No inspiration is forbidden, no material too foreign.

Yet, while committed to radical openness, we maintain a high personal standard, working only on projects that speak to our imagination. We will consider anything, but accept only the best. In this way, progress also entails revivifying classics. We again find expression in art, which has become stale: over-designed and under-imagined. We work with respect for the great masters and craftsmen of the past, humbled to be standing on the shoulders of giants yet sure that from this vantage point we may reach higher than they did. We move away from industrialization towards artisanry and reclaim a role for generalists.

We are interdisciplinary, both as individuals and as an organization. Our activities include fashion, painting, woodworking, concrete products, installations, music recording and production, poetry, film and animation (an incomplete enumeration). As you will see on this website, many of our products cover several domains: we push into all categories in order to defy them.

Thus, we again allow ourselves to form a rich context in a world that has lost it. A society neatly divided into specializations not only loses its ability to synthesize across many domains, but also fosters an unwillingness to act outside of one's perceived duties. Instead we say: always question the rules. Not in ignorant criticism, but in an honest effort to improve the world wherever it does wrong.

It is with this confidence and high spirit that we start our collaboration. We hope to grow, that this may be the starting point for a campaign of innovation, realizing our principal goal: to elevate the shared consciousness.