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Animations, motion graphics, movies and music: These are the main things that Jasper occupies himself with. Jasper tries to take a step away from the polished commercial images dominating visual media and searches for new ways to translate ideas to the screen.

His work can be seen at "2 voor 12", "Holland zingt Hazes" and the live shows of Ferry Corsten.



He doesn't eat, he paints, a man with vision and a strong will, Lars Jurcka is an enigmatic force in every field he enters. Currently his interests are: art, fashion, music, philosophy, cinema and elevating consciousness. Combining his vast knowledge with a fresh view and childlike enthusiasm he creates art that speaks to many dimensions within one's own experience.

As one of the founders of the art collective: Modern People, he oversees every aspect of the creative process within the collective.

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Lou is the handyman of the bunch. With his technical eye and his experience as a craftsman he takes commissions for custom wooden furniture. Lou has a background as a software engineer and is used to paying attention to the details and delivering a product from start to finish.


Concrete Seats
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Jack and master of all trades.

• Music performer
• Music producer
• Landscaping
• Horeca
• Food preperation
• Concrete furniture
• Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Financial Services
• Process Management

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Visual Poetry
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“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”
Pippi Longstocking

Tom is a Jack of all trades: he will learn anything that’s awesome. However, foremost he is a poet trying to not be a poet. While he is indebted to the great masters – Marsman, Coleridge, Lucebert en Eliot – he no longer finds them innovative.

Instead Tom fuses visual effects from Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now and Star wars; Gill-Scott Heron’s mastery of the spoken word; philosophy from Socrates to Wittgenstein; lyrics from the Doors to Kendrick Lamar; wisdom from the east and west. Poetry at its best is fearless: unafraid to be pompous or archaïc, unafraid to be raw or awkward, funny or ironic. Relentless innovation is Tom's goal, without sacrificing feeling for technique or denying himself comfort.

Available for: poetry (text, declamation, projections and installations), readings and workshops, accompanying visuals.